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We develop stunning graphics which exude some modern appearances as well as fully responsive designs. We use robust coding and deliver sites that have higher conversion rates.

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We do provide high-quality technical assistance for your WordPress sites. We are thus capable of resolving all the queries that arise from the WordPress sites. These include the resolution of errors, set up and installation, security enhancements, and theme customizations, to mention but a few!

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Support For

WordPress Contact by Phone – 888-581-0004 If you opt to log in via the option, you shall be hosted by the WordPress closed source program. You will thus be entitled to all the help by the This is only if you purchase your own hosting and are also hosting the WordPress.


You will have no direct contact with a WordPress number to call via the phone. They provide no contact information such as the phone number and contact e-mails and you also have no shortcut to reaching out to the customer service contact numbers, chats, and e-mails.


Wordpress Contact by live chat- In case you have enrolled in a plan, you will have unbridled access to its priority Live Chat support. This simply means that the site provides the chat support to the premium customers only. The following is its web address:

This chat is currently available on a 24hours a day, 5 days a week basis. It is open for those customers who are enrolled in the personal and the premium plans. The weekend support is also available but only limited to the business plan.

From time to time, all operators may often be too busy or unavailable. This means you can only get to them through the private e-mail support. On some rare occasions, the Live Chat support may also be closed for some time especially during the company meetings. In light of this, you have some limited and poor support with this platform.

Wordpress Contact by Forum- If it so happens that you are enrolled in the free plan with the, you may receive only the forum support. The following is the link to the forum site:

You may opt to query and receive some responses from some volunteers in a matter of days. It is thus not an option to explore if you are in some kind of a hurry.

Wordpress Contact Email – This perhaps is one of the worst parts of the contacts. You need to access:

Whatever you inquire from the site above, will be posted in the community dashboard so that everyone might see.

You may get into some situations from time to time in which you have no access to your account. You have to take some necessary steps to ward off the likelihood of being locked out. This can only happen if you set up your account to be recoverable. You may either reset your password via the e-mail or fill the following form:

This is the last option to consider if you have tried all the other options but received no help. lists a couple of frequently-asked questions that are drafted and answered by volunteers. Access them here:


As you may well have noted, it may not be possible to obtain proper support from the especially when you badly need it. You are unable to contact the platform directly by chat, phone, or e-mail in situations that require some urgency. You thus have to factor your business goals and support urgency while in need of support.


You will first of all need to know that you are requesting for support for OpenSource WordPress Version which is being hosted a favorite hosting company like the Justhot, Bluehost, Hostgator, and Godaddy, among others.

This company is probably hosting thousands of other software like They charge you for hosting to keep your website available on the internet. You are thus primarily responsible for any errors or issues that arise from your site.

The hosting company, however, fixes those issues that are related to the server problems. However, they are unable to tackle the internal WordPress issues due to the wider scope of such problems. If you require customer services, under those circumstances, you will have to compile these things with you and make them ready:

  • Website URL
  • Admin Login ID/Password
  • Hosting or FTP and Database Details

Some of the issues you might want to discuss are:

  • WordPress Errors and Issues
  • WooCommerce Issues
  • WordPress Theme Issues
  • Email Issues
  • Migration Issues
  • Payment Gateway Issues
  • Hosting Issues
  • Web Design Issues
  • Plugins Issues and so on

You now have some two options to consider for support:

#1: Free Support

As stated, is an open-source software. This means that tens of thousands of talented developers make contributions as regards its features. This has resulted in it being one of the greatest software on the market today. It is also free in the sense that it costs nothing on your part to download and use. You will, however, have to host it to be able to leverage its full benefits. This free support is availed by the community and may access here:

You may or may not receive any answers given that the executives work on a volunteer basis. You may hence wish to take advantage of the personal reading and researching of articles that are related to the WordPress niches such as the forums, WPBeginner – Beginner’s Guide for WordPress, StackOverflow, and the MWB-Blog, to name but a few!

You may also receive the support in this alternative way:

  • Community-run support groups – are free but do not guarantee any complete solutions at all
  • Official WordPress Forums such as Fixing WordPress and the
  • Facebook Groups – to have your way, search for the “WordPress Support.” This returns ton of results and outcomes. Specifically, if you search for a specific theme, you will probably find a Facebook group associated with it.
  • CSS Tricks Forums => Forums Archive => CSS-Tricks
  • Stack Overflow => Newest ‘WordPress’ Questions
  • WPBeginner Free Blog Setup –
  • Free WordPress Courses => Best Free WordPress Courses for Every Beginner => 100% Free
  • Your theme author’s forums
  • Reddit – r/WordPress

#2: Paid Support

WordPress only allows you to use its platform to post contents which are later accessible by others. You are therefore responsible for the maintenance of these contents and fixing of any issues. To do singlehandedly, you will have to possess a sound knowledge of .php, MySQL, and the WordPress CMS. You will, however, invoke the assistance of some companies to do the job for you if you lack the time and resource base necessary for this. Here are some companies to consider leveraging:

  • One time Fix
  • On-going WordPress Fix and Maintenance

You should, however, take care of some key points while determining the specific WordPress Company for your liking. These are:
Their familiarity with the support services

  • Expertise in matters WordPress technical support
  • Experience and duration of service
  • Pricing
  • Size of the team
  • Availability in a typical week
  • Contacts and access
  • Chat services
  • E-mail support
  • Understanding of matters themes, plug-in, and WooCommerce
  • Comprehension of 3rd party integration matters
  • Escalation managers
  • Tickets management and SLA
  • Follow-ups
  • Re-opening of the issues
  • Location of the servers

Just in case you opt to contact the WordPress for the self-hosted services ( by telephone, you will avoid all the hassles. Simply call this number directly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • WordPress website design
  • WordPress theme customization and designs
  • Fixing of WordPress errors
  • Recovery of hacked WordPress
  • Security and protection of your WordPress sites
  • Removal of malware from your WP site

Understand Why You should not Choose

For a start, I would wish to strike a difference between the and the These two resources aid people in building great websites and blogs. They, however, exhibit some inherent differences notwithstanding the fact that they are both owned by Automatic. is an organization which confers free and open-source downloadable versions of the WordPress software. The organization allows you to download and install the software on your own. The same services are conferred by some host providers and control panels. These are in one easy WordPress installation click.

Further to these, the WordPress also enters into partnerships with some kinds of hosting providers. If you choose to install the software on your own, you will also be partly responsible for the installation. This means that among others, you will have to make arrangements for the backups, upgrades, and any security updates necessary. These are completely justified given the free and open source nature of this software.

There is then the Unlike the, this one is a commercial enterprise that falls within the WordPress software framework. It is ready to use when taken out of the box. This negates your need to install it on your own. You just have to sign up and begin blogging right away. What’s more? The enterprise requires no installation or downloads.


Moreover, the security updates, upgrades, and the backups are all performed by the! It is free to get started in but nonetheless provides some premium services at prices that start at $36/year!

The above benefits notwithstanding, the resource has some serious constraints. These are listed and explained hereunder:

#1: You cannot alter the structure of the page allows you to make a variety of changes and alterations within the body of your page. It does not, however, grant you access to the HTML source code, some sections of your page, and the PHP files which the WordPress is made of. For this reason, you cannot add any JavaScript or CSS links to your webpage as you ordinarily would. This means you will have less customizable options and controls.

If you attempt to add any JavaScript code to the body of your web page, it shall be conveniently eliminated when the page is updated later. This also limits you to the widgets you currently have.

In case you want to display multiple images, you have two options for your consideration. These are the gallery and the slide shows.

If you, however, want to embed an <iframe> from a foreign site in the form of a workaround, it just won’t work. This is because limits the external sites it can pair and connect to.

How then do you add a custom behavior to your website? You have a list of embeddable options to consider. These include the Google maps and YouTube. Some supported widgets also exist.

#2: Limited Themes and Plug-ins

Plug-ins are some of the major features which make the WordPress pleasurable to utilize. You will however not be in a person to leverage them in the WordPress platform. This is because the platform constraints you considerably even though tons of these themes do exist.

The reason you cannot do this is simple. You have no ability to alter the structure of the page as stated. You are thus at the mercy of the pre-defined structure of your theme as well as the features which the author permits. You will thus confront some difficulties as each theme comes along with different options which are unchangeable.

For instance, some allow you to change the footers whereas others do not. Moreover, each has different size of the header image. It may hence be difficult to find a theme which is both compatible in functionality and layout.

#3: It costs you more to add some style

Even after settling on a suitable theme, you will still have to cost more to add some style. This is because you will first and foremost have to purchase a customized design upgrade. This is especially true if you intend to utilize the customized CSS on your blog post.

As stated earlier, this upgrade costs no less than $36 per year. The actual cost could be higher depending mainly on the number of blogs you intend to customize on the whole. The bare minimum $36 per year entitles you only to a simple text editor for updating your CSS. It lacks any visual editor.

Moreover, it does not allow you to conceal the copyright information on your WordPress theme. This may be alright for personal blogs. However, it may not be great for business blogs or clients.

#4: Content and Copyright Issues

In reality, imposes no restrictions as pertains matters ownership. Their terms of references clearly stipulate that they grant royalty-free access to the data for the sake of promoting it well. It states like this:

“By submitting your content to Automattic for placing in your specific site, you grant us a worldwide non-exclusive and royalty-free licensure to replicate, alter, change, and publish the contents exclusively for the purposes of displaying, promoting, and distributing your blog contents. If you happen to erase your content, Automattic will employ reasonable attempts to get rid of the said content from your Website, but you admit that reserving or references to these contents may not be made immediately inaccessible.”

As regards the issue of termination:

“Automattic may hinder your access to all or any portion of your website at any given time, with or without your fault, with or without your prior notice, and effective soonest possible.” also has the leeway to place adverts on your website. You can, however, remove them by upgrading them to the premium version and then parting with $36 per year.

You must probably have already known that contacting and receiving a feedback from is no mean feat. This is because the platform has two versions namely and as stated.

To boost your chances of receiving a feedback, you first and foremost need to ascertain whether you should log in via the or host in on your own and proceed further on your own.

If you opt to log in via the option, you shall be hosted by the WordPress closed source program. You will thus be entitled to all the help by the This is only if you purchase your own hosting and are also hosting the WordPress.

You will have no direct contact with a WordPress number to call via the phone. They provide no contact information such as the phone number and contact e-mails and you also have no shortcut to reaching out to the customer service contact numbers, chats, and e-mails.